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Mauer Beats

  • Synopsis

    The Story behind

    The beginning was a book from Corinna Milborn: "Gest├╝rmte Festung Europa". It left a strong impression but we got interested about the impression that societies are under a constant change, evolving as a result of migration and global influences. We had than the chance to work with eleven young dancers between 15 and 20 years from different countries. In our work we dealt with our views about cultural identity, frontiers and outlawing. As a dance language we aimed to combine different dance styles - folk dances with contemporary dance styles such as hip hop, capoeira and release technique. A big help was that most of the performers already had experiences from previous youth projects. As a stage set we used 40 foam cubes with which the dancer are telling about visible and invisible walls and show how it is to be excluded, to draw boundaries and to deal with prejudices.

  • Facts

    At One Glance

    Choreographie: Damian Gmuer, Nora Pfahl
    Concept: Damian Gmuer, Nora Pfahl
    Sound: Fabian Schulz
    Performance: 60. Minute
    Staff: 11 Dancers
    Venues of performance: Tanzhaus nrw in D├╝sseldorf
    Year: 2014


Fotos: Tanzhaus nrw

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