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Explore Movement Potentials and Embody Dance with
Ease, Flow & Sensory Engagement

Contemporary, artistic dance work and choreography by
Rita Aozane Bilibio and Damian Gmür

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The Artists

Hello - we are pleased to share with you some information about us and our artistic dance work - and to give you a picture of who we are as choreographers, dance teachers/pedagogues, dance researchers, rehearsal directors and dance artists.

After an intensive and long career as dance artists,  we have expanded our practical knowledge in the recent years through further trainings in the field of  contemporary artistic dance and the performing arts - through individual intensive research but also through further qualifications at leading art universities and dance professionals. As teachers, we research to develop our pedagogical / didactic dance skills promoting a sensual, physical expressive and virtuos dance language, in alignment with physical and mental health, well being and pleasure to dance. 

As choregraphic team Rita & Damian, we share our artistic ideas and use our experience and curiosity to develop choreographic works, wich are characterized by an energetic, expressive and sensual dance aesthetic  .      . 

Teaching Activities

Rita & Damian both are experienced in teaching nationally and internationally professional dancers, dance companies and dance students - as well as community dance groups with different levels.   

For who is interested to get a taste, look out for one of the upcoming open workshops and classes.

Choreographic Works

Actual or upcoming choreographic projects.

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