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Wilde Zeiten

  • Synopsis

    The Story behind

    A dance procuction with 23 young dancers at the age of 14 to 21, full of concentrated dancepower. Chosen by a casting at "Düsseldorfer" schools, the young dancers deliver their quite personal statement of the German expression "Generation Doof " - generation stupid. All the young dancers have very different cultural backgrounds, a global one from Turkey, Romania to Togo and Iran. The attempt to escape from stereotypes and to find an own identity at the sight of group and peer pressure and external expectations is the central point. The band "Lauter Leben" composed the Music specially for Wilde Zeiten and performed it life. The mixture of quiet and explosive musical moments as well as the texts, which attest to real live made the band "Lauter Leben" the perfect partner for "Wilde Zeiten".

    "Wilde Zeiten" directed by Guido Markowitz and choreographed by Guido Markowtiz and Damian Gmuer got elected for the opening of the congress of "Kinder zum Olymp" in Munich in June 2009, an educational initiative of the german government. Further it is part of the programm "Chance Tanz" by the Tanzhaus nrw, which is motivated especially by social perspectives of dance.

  • Facts

    At One Glance

    Direction: Guido Markowitz
    Co-Choreography: Damian Gmuer
    Performance: 60. Minute
    Staff: 23 Dancers
    Venues: Tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf
    Year: 2009

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