Teaching Work - Overview

    • Teaching Dance Companies & Dance Universities
    • PALUCCA HOCHSCHULE FÜR TANZ DRESDEN - Teaching for the dance education program (Modern/Contemporary Dance & Capoeira)
      SOZO VISIONS IN MOTION - Teaching for the dance education program (Modern/Contemporary Dance & Capoeira)
      TANZHAUS ZÜRICH - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance - Running on Instincts in co-operation with Bruno Caverna)
      ZTTS ZÜRCHER TANZTHEATER SCHULE / TANZWERK 101 ZÜRICH - Teaching for the dance education programs (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      K3/KAMPNAGEL HAMBURG - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      MARAMEO BERLIN - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      TAIPEIDEA: TAIPEI NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS (TAIWAN) - Teaching for the dance education program (Modern/Contemporary Dance & Capoeira)
      TSOYING HIGH SCHOOL KAOSHIUNG (TAWAN) - Teaching for the dance education program (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      STAATSTHEATER BRAUNSCHWEIG - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      STADTTHEATER GIESSEN - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      DEUTSCHE SPORTHOCHSCHULE KÖLN - Teaching workshop for BreakAnatomy (Modern/Contemporary Dance), Lectureship Masterstudiengang Tanzkultur V.I.E.W. (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      STAATSTHEATER KASSEL - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      DANCE THEATRE FESTIVAL ATHEN - Teaching Dance Workshops ( Modern/Cotemporary Dance)
      THEATER BIELEFELD - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      COOPERATIVA MAURA MORALES - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      THEATER OSNABRÜCK - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      HOCHSCHULE FÜR MUSIK UND TANZ KÖLN / ZZT - Teaching Workshop (Modern/Contemporary Dance, Improvisation)
      THEATER HEIDELBERG - Teaching Workshop (Modern/Contemporary Dance, Improvisation)
      TANZZENTRALE LEIPZIG - Teaching Workshop (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
      THEATER PFORZHEIM - Teaching Dancer Training (Modern/Contemporary Dance)
    • Teacher for Dance Schools
    • TANZHAUS NRW - Capoeira, Modern/Contemporary Dance
      TSZ ROYAL WULFEN - Capoeira, Contemporary Dance
      TANZ FRANKFURT - Modern/Cotemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation

      FLUGFISCH LEIPZIG - Modern/Cotemporary Dance, Capoeira

      Tanzfestival Bielefeld - Modern/Cotemporary Dance
    • Teacher for Social & School Projects
    • DANCE4LIFE - Dance&Music Project for schools to push back HIV & AIDS
      STAATSHTEATER DARMSTADT - Project "Looking for Romeo". Performance with dance-interested young people
      WILHELM LEUSCHNER SCHOOL DARMSTADT - School-Dance Project with students of the school
      TANZHAUS NRW - Youth Dance Project
      KULTURAGENTEN ESSEN - School-Dance Project with students of the school


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