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In Game

  • Synopsis

    The Story Behind

    The intention of the Reykjavik Dance Festival was to bring dance away from theatre stages and back to public areas. So "In Game" was performed in a Coffee House, with the intention to bring dance not only to a different audience but also to a "no-audience" and make dance thus part of daily lifes. "In Game" is a funny dance performance full of surprises, between dance theatre and improvisation performance, for any audience with a good sense of humour.

  • Facts

    At One Glance

    Choreographie: Concept: Rita & Damian, Michiel DePauw
    Dancers: Rita Aozane Bilibio, Michiel de Pauw, Damian Gmuer
    Performance: 60. Minute
    Staff: 3 Dancers
    Venues: at the Reykjavik Dance Festival
    Year: 2007


Fotos: ©Oliver Look, ©Daniel Matheus

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